Strategic Planning

We believe that supporting school leaders, network/district leaders, and School Boards/Boards of Directors to rethink how they meet the needs of those they serve will fundamentally change the educational system.

Our work typically involves learning deeply about our clients and unpacking their challenges via various root cause analysis processes.  From there, we live our belief of “designing with, not for” and create the space for those that will have to implement the change as well as those who will be impacted by the change to co-design the solutions.  After pressure testing and refining, we support our clients to operationalize the co-designed solutions.

Examples of our Strategic Planning clients and related deliverables include:

  • Aspen Public Schools: Five-Year Strategic Plan
  • Breakthrough Public Schools: In Person, Hybrid, and Fully-Remote Frameworks
  • East Preparatory Academy: School Review, Findings, Recommendations, and Prioritization Report
  • Global Ambassadors Language Academy: Reimagining the School and Sponsor Partnership
  • Growing Inland Achievement: Implementation of High-Quality and High-Impact Strategies and Practices That Actively Advance Equity In Educational Outcomes
  • Lead Liberated: Strategic Plan & Sustainable Pricing and Revenue Model
  • National Association of Charter School Authorizers: A National Continuity of Learning Plan
  • Orchard Park Academy: School Review, Findings, Recommendations, and Prioritization Report Strategic Plan and Interactive, 10-Year Financial Model
  • Renton School District: Improving and Sustaining a Pathway for Paraeducators to Become Certified Teachers
  • Rosebud Sioux Tribe: Three-Year Strategic Plan
  • The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation: An Evolution of the Charter School Renewal Process
  • The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation: Reimagining Authorizer Oversight and Support



"The 305 team was extremely patient with me and my approach to processing information. The final product is something that we can be really proud of and adapt into materials for Board Members, funders, and stakeholders."

 Devin Morris, Co-Founder & Executive Director
The Teachers' Lounge


"Working with Mark Comanducci has been instrumental to my development as a school leader! He challenges me in situations where I need to grow and helps me think beyond my comfort zone."

Cole Huber, Principal
Chrisman High School

"During my first year as a principal, leading through a pandemic, Mark’s counsel was invaluable as I considered how to turn around a building that was in desperate need of a culturally responsive leader that could lead the school in one cohesive direction."

Sarah Weber, Principal
Citizens Academy Southeast


"Mark Comanducci is an amazing leadership coach.  He is an active listener who quickly understood our school and was able to support our school improvement process."

Alissa Tucker, Principal
Dallas City Elementary School


"The 305 Education Group provided our leadership team amazing support. Working together gave our team great confidence in leading our school through any challenge."

 Ricardo Franklin Sr., Principal
Citizens Leadership Academy East


"My leadership coaching sessions with Mark Comanducci have helped me improve my leadership skills, allowing me to be more in touch with my teachers and students alike! He has provided me with a wealth of knowledge!"

Cole Huber, Principal,
Chrisman High School and Junior High School


"With The 305 Education Groups’ support, I was able to lead the school to a significantly more positive culture while improving academic outcomes in all grades levels and content areas!"

Sarah Weber, Principal
Citizens Academy Southeast


"Mark Comanducci has a way of guiding, leading, and pushing me to develop and achieve goals.  He is passionate about the work and has become an integral member of our team."

 Alissa Tucker, Principal
Dallas City Elementary School


"Our entire school community grew closer and stronger as a result of working with The 305 Education Group."

 Ricardo Franklin Sr., Principal
Citizens Leadership Academy East