School Improvement

We believe that school improvement never ends, continuously occurring from the time a school is envisioned, during its founding, throughout its operations, and during and beyond its renewal.  We support our clients as they continuously seek to better serve students, families, and educators via our school review processes as well as School Boards/Board of Directors and authorizers as they seek to better support and hold educators accountable.  Examples of our School Improvement clients include:

National Charter Schools InstituteCitizens Academy
Wyoming Department of EducationCitizens Academy East
Michigan Department of EducationIngenuity Prep
SUNY’s Charter Schools InstituteCarpe Diem
Thomas B. Fordham FoundationDenver Public Schools
Catalyst:EdEd Direction
CanopyEdLouisiana Resource Center or Educators
Center or Urban Teachers DevelopmentFriends of Louisiana Connections Academy
Rhode Island Department of EducationNational Association of Charter School Authorizers