Embedded Coaching & Professional Development

We believe that working shoulder-to-shoulder with school leaders, school leadership teams, and teachers is the most effective way to drastically improve their effectiveness and positively impact outcomes for students, families, and educators.  Whether in person or remote, our embedded coaching and professional development provides educators the support, growth, and development needed to better meet the social, cultural, and academic needs of those they serve and to improve outcomes for the entire school community.  Examples of our Embedded Coaching & Professional Development clients include:

Citizens Leadership Academy (OH) Turtle Lake-Mercer Elementary School (ND)
Citizens Academy (OH)Center-Stanton Elementary School (ND)
Canyon Grove Academy (UT)AC Central Jr. and Sr. High School (IL)
City Charter Schools (CA)Chrisman High School (IL)
Dallas City Elementary School (IL)Global Ambassadors Language Academy (OH)

Leadership / Executive Coaching

The 305 Education Group provides embedded leadership coaching, traditional professional development, and ongoing support to school principals/leadership teams and non-profit executives.  Our leadership coaching and development identifies areas of need and helps leaders develop and implement the systems and processes that will increase impact and improve outcomes.

Our coaching model provides a safe space for principals/leadership teams and non-profit executives to be honest and vulnerable about the challenges they are facing as they work to affect change.  This openness and candor are not often possible in a traditional employee-evaluator relationship. 

The coaching and development provided by The 305 Education Group does not look to replace or change any of the initiatives, resources, or goals set forth by Board of Directors, districts, or organizations.  However, it provides thought-partnering, support, professional development, and a structured planning and commitment framework so the principals/leadership teams and non-profit executives can better lead those they serve and so their schools and organizations can achieve their goals. 

This theory of action and leadership coaching and development model has been implemented in multiple schools and organizations, with significant gains in impact, whether they be student learning, staff retention, outcomes, or family/staff satisfaction.

Though our partnership with and support to our clients is always tailored to their unique needs, our theory of action is outlined below.

Instructional Coaching

The 305 Education Group’s instructional coaching can be operationalized in two ways: (1) directly coaching and supporting teachers and/or (2) increasing the capacity of principals/leadership teams to increase teacher effectiveness and impact.

Our instructional coaching and professional development sessions are focused on improving teachers’ ability to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of students. Through our support, teachers are empowered to implement the school’s academic model and fully utilize the curricular resources that are provided to teachers and students.

Our instructional coaching can occur at the classroom-level or with the principal/leadership team to build school-wide capacity.

Though the instructional coaching model for schools is customized to their teachers’ unique needs, our theory of action is outlined below.