COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 has fundamentally altered the US educational landscape.  Now more than ever, schools, districts, and leaders need support in navigating the uncertainly facing SY 20-21 and responding to student, family, and educator need as a result of COVID-19.  Our team brings decades of experience as teachers, school leaders, and district leaders in in-person as well as hybrid, blended, and remote learning settings. 

Our COVID-19 response strategy and planning support focuses primarily on:

  • Health and Safety: We have a partnership with a hospital system and a health organization to provide support and to ensure districts, networks, and schools have the needed support to reopen safely.  To open and remain open safely, schools need medical, health, and education experts to validate and to ensure that their plan and facility is ready to reopen and stay open; our partnership does just that.
  • Reopening Design: We are supporting various districts, networks, and schools with their reopening plans for January-June.  Having also done this with various schools and networks across the US since April 2020, we have the experience and expertise needed to help schools safely reopen and to properly design for the current reality.  
  • Reopening Pressure Testing: We are reviewing and providing feedback to districts, networks, and schools on their reopening plans.  It is a lighter touch and provides the external perspective, guidance, and expertise needed to have the best possible solutions for students, families, and educators.
  • Remote Learning:  If a district, network, or schools decides to stay fully remote or offer a remote option for the remainder of SY 20-21, we’d love to engage for a Design Sprint.  The purpose is simple: our team supports schools to analyze and (re)design the teaching and learning plan(s), so that the experience and outcomes for students, families, and educators are better from January-June. We analyze data from August-present (learning outcomes, engagement, surveys, observations, etc.) and then (co)design and pressure test solutions for the school community (present-January).  This is intentionally a sprint, with us supporting and empowering the schools/district leaders to move quickly to implement the solutions at the start of the second semester, to greatly improve experiences and outcomes for students, families, and educators.
  • Teacher Support and Professional Development: We have team members who have provided coaching, professional development, and support to virtual and blended teachers for decades.  We are providing this support to districts, networks, and schools via a combination of virtual professional development sessions, ongoing coaching, and on-demand support.  It’s an innovative way to support teachers and is critical given the current needs of teachers, especially if most of a district, network, or school-level leadership has not had much experience in the virtual or remote setting.
  • Leadership Team Support and Professional Development: We are providing professional development and ongoing coaching to school leaders/leadership teams, district leaders, and network leaders, specifically in addressing the challenges they are navigating due to COVID-19.  We are lucky enough to be doing this in MA, OH, IL, and ND, in both rural and urban schools, so our perspective and lens can help and bring new design solutions to districts, networks, and schools

Some of our COVID-response work to date has focused on:

  • Reviewing and refining the hybrid learning plans of multiple schools located in Boston, MA;
  • Co-creating the re-entry plan and hybrid learning plan for a network of public schools in Ohio;
  • Developing the Continuity of Learning/Hybrid Learning Plan national guidance for the National Association of Charter School Authorizers;
  • Creating and facilitating professional development sessions to prepare school leaders, instructional coaches, and teachers for effective instructional and leadership practices in a hybrid/remote setting;
  • Facilitating COVID-response professional development sessions and webinars to schools, school boards, school associations, and authorizers in CA, MA, MI, MO, NJ, NY, and TX.

We believe that plans and strategies are only valuable if they can be acted upon and implemented. Our team becomes your team as we help to execute your strategic goals. Our team believes in directly engaging with all levels of leadership and various stakeholders to create more sustainable and impactful organizations.  Our approach to any project will be unique to the school’s or district’s individual and specific needs.  Also, there will be time built into the project to elicit feedback from the school or district as well as align on timelines and deliverables.  A sample project plan could be as follows:


Our team will learn deeply about the school or district, its core beliefs around teaching and learning as well as its stakeholder experiences and data from March 2020-May 2020 and deliver a Summary Findings Report.


Our team will coalesce best practices and resources for re-entry and hybrid learning plans and deliver a Re-Entry Best Practices Report and/or a Hybrid Learning Best Practices Report.


Our team will co-design or review the Re-Entry Plan and/or Hybrid Learning Plan that is unique to the school’s or district’s beliefs, values, and goals and that covers, but is not limited to instructional planning and practice, culture building, schedules, engagement, etc.


Our team will co-create or review the Staffing Plan, Staff Expectation Guidance, and Professional Development Scope and Sequence, aligned to the Re-Entry Plan and/or Hybrid Learning Plan.


Our team will provide ongoing Leadership Coaching to school or district leaders.

If your school or district is looking for a thought partner and support as it works to address the uncertainly COVID-19 has created, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Founder & CEO, Mark Comanducci ( to explore ways we can help.