The 305 Education Group

Our Purpose

The 305 Education Group’s mission is simple: To help educators love and get better at their jobs.  To accomplish this mission, we partner with educators, those who support educators, and those who hold educators accountable to improve experiences and outcomes for students, families, and educators.  Our work lives at the school level, network/district level, and at the School Board/Board of Directors level and focuses on co-designing solutions to challenges, developing new systems to ensure continuous improvement, and providing ongoing support to sustainably affect change.

Our Work

Our efforts to support our clients will always be tailored to their specific needs.  That said, our work generally falls in the following categories described below.

Embedded Coaching & Professional Development: We believe that working shoulder-to-shoulder with school leaders, school leadership teams, and teachers is the most effective way to drastically improve their effectiveness and positively impact outcomes for students, families, and educators.  Whether in person or remote, our embedded coaching and professional development provides educators the support, growth, and development needed to better meet the social, cultural, and academic needs of those they serve and to improve outcomes for the entire school community.

COVID Response: We believe that the COVID-19 pandemic has provided educators, those who support educators, and those who hold educators accountable the opportunity to rethink educational constructs – a process that will challenge assumptions and spur innovation and change.  Through that lens of optimism and opportunity, we support our clients to innovate, challenge their thinking, and expand opportunities for their school communities as they reimagine schooling and address school loss, learning loss, acceleration, and remediation.

School Improvement: We believe that school improvement never ends, continuously occurring from the time a school is envisioned, during its founding, throughout its operations, and during and beyond its renewal.  We support our clients as they continuously seek to better serve students, families, and educators via our school review processes as well as School Boards/Board of Directors and authorizers as they seek to better support and hold educators accountable. 

Strategic Planning: We believe that supporting school leaders, network/district leaders, and School Boards/Boards of Directors to rethink how they meet the needs of those they serve will fundamentally change the educational system.  Our work typically involves learning deeply about our clients and unpacking their challenges via various root cause analysis processes.  From there, we live our belief of “designing with, not for” and create the space for those that will have to implement the change as well as those who will be impacted by the change to co-design the solutions.  After pressure testing and refining, we support our clients to operationalize the co-designed solutions.