The 305 Education Group

At The 305 Education Group we are passionate about collaborating with like-minded organizations and working with them to close the gap between ideas and success.  We thought-partner with our clients to help them make informed decisions and solve the challenges impeding their growth, impact, and success.

Our staff’s experience in educational leadership, non-profit management, and strategic planning allows The 305 Education Group to deeply analyze our clients’ challenges and provide guidance and support to produce improved and sustainable outcomes.

Schools, non-profit organizations, state agencies, Boards of Directors, and school boards choose The 305 Education Group because of its vast experience in school and non-profit planning and management. Our clients know we provide the knowledge, insight, and guidance they need to move forward with confidence.

Our clients rely on The 305 Education Group to help them meet their toughest challenges, identify solutions, and best serve their stakeholders.

Our support is focused on the following areas:

  • Principal and school leadership team coaching, support, and development;
  • Executive coaching to non-profit founders and leaders;
  • Instructional coaching;
  • Organization design and launch;
  • New school development and design;
  • Existing school redesign and turnaround;
  • School review and analysis coupled with goal setting and strategic planning;
  • Governance support and strategic planning with Boards of Directors;
  • Charter school application writing and development with individuals and community groups;
  • School renewal preparation with schools and Boards of Directors;
  • Charter application review, capacity interviews, and renewals with authorizers/sponsors.